Cristian Camilo Contreras Castaneda C4


Hello, I'm Castaneda C4.

I'm a young entrepreneur and CEO of multiple innovative companies. My passion lies in crafting creative solutions that not only drive business growth, but also create a positive impact and meaningful change within the industry.
Cristian Camilo Contreras Castaneda - C4

Visionary innovation to advance.

I have the background and understanding to take your projects to the next level.

I invite you to explore my successful professional journey through my resume, where you’ll find evidence of my achievements and contributions in various projects and roles.


I will Help you Build Business.

I am Offer Fully Experience & Expertise.

Discover a realm of bespoke services and exceptional experiences through our pioneering enterprises. From cutting-edge design to strategic consultancy, we redefine expectations and forge bonds of lasting trust. Join us to unveil how service excellence changes the game.

C4InvestCapital Inc

Experienced entrepreneur with a track record of successful ventures, driving growth and impactful change through tailored solutions.


Unlock your potential with C4CapitalCoin’s tailored financial education and expert guidance, driving success in diverse sectors.


We propel brands in the digital realm with tailored marketing strategies and creative content, delivering impactful results.


Our cornerstone construction firm ensures cohesive project execution, integrating strategies and excellence across brands for exceptional outcomes


Specialized in skilled construction recruitment, we match project-specific needs with qualified professionals, prioritizing effective communication and expectations.

C4Carpenter Group

We specialise in bespoke carpentry and joinery services, combining craftsmanship, premium materials and attention to detail to provide exceptional joinery for both the residential and commercial sectors.

C4Demolition Group

C4DemolitionGroup specializes in professional, safe, and efficient structure demolition, prioritizing precision and integrity to prepare spaces for new developments and renovations


C4Landscaper&Gardener specializes in creating unique and sustainable outdoor spaces that reflect clients’ visions, utilizing innovative techniques and nature-friendly practices to achieve exceptional results.

C4Cleaner Group

Dedicated to comprehensive cleaning services for residential, commercial, and event spaces, specializing in hygiene, COVID-19 safety, waste removal, and vehicle cleaning, ensuring exceptional results and a clean, safe environment


C4PlusEvents, your premier choice for event planning and management, delivers tailor-made, unforgettable experiences with meticulous attention to detail and a solid industry reputation.


A cutting-edge Night-Club merging Latin and Anglo-Saxon cultures for a modern and sophisticated experience with renowned DJs and exceptional service, setting the standard for unforgettable entertainment.


EcoBooms, the innovative e-commerce platform by C4InvestCapital Inc., revolutionizes conscious shopping with a sustainable supply chain, user-friendly interface, transparent practices, and efficient global logistics, offering a unique shopping experience


C4InvestCapital’s luxury brand, spotlighting emeralds and precious metals, amplifying financial growth and brand prestige.”

My History of Success.

Discover the inspiring journey of Cristian Camilo Contreras Castañeda, a young CEO and founder of a rapidly expanding corporation, C4InvestCapital Inc., who overcame adversity to achieve remarkable financial success. His transformative story showcases unwavering determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring fellow young entrepreneurs and exemplifying exceptional leadership through both personal achievement and dedication to his family and team.

  • Recovers from a personal tragedy, receives a scholarship to Colegio Alfonso Jaramillo, kickstarting his academic journey.
  • Develops a vision for his future and embraces relentless dedication to academics, excelling in bilingual education and language mastery.
  • Continues studies at Politécnico Suramericano, acquiring solid knowledge in accounting and finance, laying a foundation for business challenges.
  • Rejects material temptations, chooses personal growth, and learns invaluable life lessons, shaping his entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Understands the importance of perseverance, risk-taking, and financial responsibility, laying the groundwork for success.
  • Begins full-time work, excels at Curtiembres Castañeda, Seventhing Group, Angloleyes, One to One Business, and Mercadeo Efectivo.
  • Achieves academic excellence and enters Universidad Nacional de Colombia, later migrates to Australia due to economic challenges.
2019 - Present
  • Emigrates to Sydney, Australia, embracing challenges as fuel for progress. Pursues further studies and certification.
  • Demonstrates versatility, attains English certification at "Sunshine Coast International College," symbolizing adaptability.